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Dear Jean-François 

Apologies for being somewhat slow here. As Judy Webb is overloaded, I have
edited this article myself with the considerable help of my college

Here with (attached) a somewhat more 'anglicised' version of your article
which I hope maintains the sense; it is relatively easy to read now.

It begs the question as to where you should submit it. I do not think it
would pass the stringent peer review of ' European Radiology '.
You could try ' Insights into Imaging' which might welcome a
controversial/philosophical letter.

In any event, it has been interesting working with you and I send you all
best wishes for Easter.

Yours sincerely



Cover Letter to the Editor in chief of The Lancet

I'm a 72-year-old French radiologist who
was born as a son of four generations of doctors in a rural village of Brittany
before World War 2 started. Thus, in the starting-blocks, I have my left foot
into the XIXth Century and my right foot onto the XXIth. Meanwhile I was
trained to be a general practitioner successor of my father, I had become an
academic diagnostic radiologist in one of the best hospitals of Paris during
almost half of a century. I'm an active emeritus professor of radiology who more
often visit hospitals because of my health problems than because of my clinical
and academic business. Thus I have a double vision of what medicine has been
becoming with a less clinical input and an excessive technical consummation. At
least in France but I'm afraid this is a universal feature, doctors whether
they are medical or surgical or biological or radiological specialists have
lost a major part of the best humanistic heritage of the second millennium A.C.
Then they are farer and farer from the patient's desire to establish a fruitful
dialogue with those who are in charge of their care and/or their cure.
I submit that article because I have spent
several months looking unsuccessfully for a hosting specialized press accepting
to publish several historical papers of mine bringing new data on important
European scientists having given their help in the birth and growth of
radiology and medical imaging all along the last century. The lack of cultural
background of the youngest generations of doctors relies with two trends. The
ignorance of the medical history is a pity when one has to understand why
deleterious side-effects have been resulting from wanderings in the massive and
iterative introduction of technologies changing diagnostic and treatments of most
of human diseases. On the other hand, most of European doctors have a little
knowledge on the economy of the World and its impact on the medical progress
and on the politicians who never are eager to develop it. History and Economy
should be mixed in both university and CME programs before the doctors are
called by technocrats for controlling health care expenditures in their wards
and turfs.
The Lancet is the most prestigious European
medical journal. You might dislike my vane desire to have the paper I'm
submitting for your consideration published on your glorious pages. Let me just
mention that, if I'm a 30-year-old doctor or a young student, I would be
pleased to read the phrases I wrote in order to introduce a debate on the need
to promote culture and economy and philosophy on the medical brains with an
emphasis on the actuality of the current disastrous era with the ongoing
economical and financial crash. If I'm a 50-year-old physician having to face
the collapse of the moral values inherited from Hippocrates, I would be pleased
to find in The Lancet such a paper inviting the desperate doctors to go back to
our fundamentals cultivated by a glorious panel of great but forgotten minds
having built the modern medicine allying clinics, sciences and technology. Many
radiologists read The Lancet. I feel the topic I'm covering is appropriate for
all doctors practicing everywhere in the World.
That paper has been edited in good English
by Adrian K. Dixon, MD, FRCR, FRCP, FRCS, FMedSci, FFRRCSI (Hon), FRANZCR (Hon),
Professor of Radiology, Department of Radiology, Addenbrooke's Hospital,
University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, with enthusiasm, I would say humbly. he
deserves my huge acknowledgement.
Sincerely yours,
Jean-François Moreau, MD, FACR, Emeritus professor of radiology, Paris Descartes UniversityHonorary chairman, Radiology Department at the Necker HospitalFounder and President of the World Academy
of Sciences and Technologies of Imaging (WASTI, 2009)President of the Association des Amis du Musée de l'AP-HP.Writer, historian, photographer, reporter
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Manuscript reference number: THELANCET-D-10-03071
Title: Where does radiology go?

Dear Prof. Dr. Moreau,

Many thanks for submitting your manuscript to The Lancet. We have considered your manuscript, but our decision is that it would be better placed elsewhere

Unfortunately, we can accept only a very small proportion of the many papers we receive each week. We are sorry to be unhelpful on this occasion, though we would like you to think of us again in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Astrid James
Deputy Editor, The Lancet



10 May 2010

Ref.:  Ms. No. INII-D-10-00018 entitled "Where does radiology go in Europe", submitted to Insights into Imaging

Dear Pr. Dr. Moreau,

Your manuscript has been studied by one reviewer for potential publication in our journal.

Please note I am sorry to inform you that after critical evaluation the priority rating assigned to your manuscript is not sufficient to warrant publication in Insights into Imaging. 

Some reasons why the rating was not higher are given in extracts from the reviewers' comments at the end of this letter. 

Thank you for sending your work to Insights into Imaging. 

Best wishes,
Robert Hermans, M.D., Ph.D.
Reviewers' comments:

This is a lengthy and discursive manuscript, difficult to read.
Basically, the author pleas for a radiologist who should be more involved in patient care, improving its image among the public as being a crucial member of the patient care team, and in this way safeguarding the discipline from drastic budgetary restrictions. The author makes many associations to historical/economical events to make his point, but the relevance of these are not always clear. The authors is making generalisations that, in my opinion, are only partially corresponding with reality.

Without being comprehensive, just a few examples of sentences and statements illustrating the my general comments:
-    I don't understand the abstract very well. What is meant with 'contradictory wanderings of perishable fashions'?
-    "Why is the radiologist giving up the practice of ultrasound. ". Actually, there are many radiologists practicing ultrasound, being respected members of a multidisciplary team.
-    Did 'Star War' led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire? Did Ronald Reagan liberated Eastern Europe? This could have been a factor, but for somebody that is urging for more interest in history, this seems to be an oversimplification.
-    What is the evidence for associating the Gulf War with migration of people?
-    What is the link between the internet and globalisation on the one hand, and the appearnce of AIDS on the other hand?
-    The authors tries to link developments in radiology with economical/political events, but the association between these remains obscure..

Although there is no doubt about the author's good intentions, I do not think this manuscript will arouse the interest of the readership of Insights into Imaging.

Dear Prof. Moreau,

After checking your manuscript RRP/582628 titled "Where does radiology
shouldn't go?," I regret to inform you that it was found unsuitable for
publication in Radiology Research and Practice.

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to the journal.

Best regards,

Rasha Magdy

Rasha Magdy
Journal Publishing Editor
Radiology Research and Practice
Hindawi Publishing Corporation