Hi! Good Morning, dears. To-day we're on Friday 6 October 2017. I'm just back to the website after a long stage of silence related with an almost 2-year-old season of dramatic series of social and sanitary events involving my domestic life !


Social events first, because of obscure and unfair reasons, we were fired out of our Parisian rental flat and we had to move on December 23rd, 2015, in emergency to the ground floor of a 3-store-house in a city located in the Southern vicinity of Lille in the newly termed province of Hauts-de-France. My wife and I enjoy a new life much quieter and more relaxing because of nice backyard where our three cats may breathe in fresh air and socialize with the wilder cats and many birds. My son and one associate owns the two upper floors.


If I could have an active social life in 2016, including the adventure in Turkey with the estimated even unsuccessful bid for PSCT2020 in Lille, my heath quickly declined because of a malignant evolution of an ancient benign polyposis of the vesical bladder. I was submitted for a chemotherapy during the fall before I had to be operated on on the end of December at the CHU of Lille. I don't recommend to anyone to be surgically manipulated in between Christmas and the New Year. A lot of serious complications developed that involved the vital prognosis during the first semester of 2017. To-day though I remain tired I'm more and more active intellectually. I guess I shan't be in good shape before the next Easter.


However, here it is a good news: I managed a block of publications during the current year 2017.


A scientific paper (!) referenced in an international journal under the following title: Giller CA, Mornet P, Moreau J-F. The first formulation of image-based stereotactic principles: the forgotten work of Gaston Contremoulins. Journal of Neurosurgery. 2017 Feb 17;:1-10. 


Nowadays four books are available on electronic and paper patterns published at Librinova.com

1.  Mémoire Linéaire d'un Médecin Français Radiologue Universaliste vol 1 ab embryo ad adulescentiam. 1938-1968.

2.  De l'Ulcère Cérébral. Hypothèses de vie ou de mort au trième âge le mien voire celui des autres.

3.  PouAimes & PouHaines. Recueil de poésie et de quelque prose (reedition augmentée en cours)

4.  Ravensbrück 2015. L'étrange enquête de Charles-Icelui Chapeau.

5.  En preparation pour 2018: Mémoire Linéaire d'un Médecin Français Radiologue Universaliste. Vol 2: Ecce homo vir. 1968-1998.